Volley ball is a team sport, and that is what each of us want for this church. We are embarking on this mission to unite our church community and provide a usable outdoor space during this pandemic. We want a place where children, youth, UC students, and adults can enjoy themselves together in harmony. 

The Vision:
The vision is to have a mini-park on the east side of the church.
The Volleyball court will be on the north side of the two lots (Where the Cooper house once stood).

We also plan to install a gaga pit.


A four foot chain-link fence around the park would keep animals out of the sand and children inside.
A field light so the court is usable at night. We want good quality sand (Mason Sand) because it's soft, doesn't compact, and it is refined so there aren't any sharp rocks in it. 



I have attached a price sheet of everything we need on an ideal court. I think it would be nice to have a few picnic tables in the front and under the trees in the backyard.
We currently have $5850 raised.

We need an additional $1250. 

Time Frame:
As of 3/1/2021, we have begun excavation.

By 3/25/2021 we would like for the court to be playable. 


Info you are interested in contributing to the cause, please contact Garrett Gilliland at

405-385-3547 or email at garrett.stillwatercoc@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest!


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