Youth Ministry


The One Life Youth Ministry is focused on the spiritual development of students in grades 6th-12th. The ministry's main focuses are to 1) pursue authenticity with God and with others, 2) define who we are by what Jesus says about us, and 3) demonstrate God's love to the world around us. 


The ministry is centered on equipping youth to follow God in today's world. Through the ministry, students are given opportunities to serve the church and their community, participate in spreading the Gospel on mission trips, and attending youth conferences and camps to help develop a deeper relationship with God and with others. 


People interested in participating in the work of the youth ministry can help with the following:

- Volunteering time with the youth for activities and trips

- Sponsoring students financially for activities

- Keeping the ministry in their prayers


For additional information or to find out ways to support the ministry contact Derrick Tharp at 918-207-7299 or by email at


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